Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hate and Love

A few hours ago, several bomb blasts rocked the city of Delhi. It was a well planned attack on crowded public places right in the heart of the city. Eighteen innocent people were killed, and about 90 were injured. It follows serial blasts earlier in the year in other cities like Jaipur, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

I confess that the blasts in Delhi hurt more than the blasts in other place. One of the blasts happened in a park in Connaught Place. It's one of the biggest hangouts for people looking for a place to relax. I myself have spent time there with friends more than once. The fact that today it became a witness to violent death is sickening. Practically any friend or relation of mine could have been there. This realization just shook me up a little.

The Students' Islamic Movement of India has claimed responsibility for the blasts. It's an extremist Islamic outfit that has also claimed to have been behind the other bombings this year. It was founded by a person who is now a professor of journalism and public relations at Western Illinois University. Maybe they want something from our government, or maybe they just enjoy killing people.

I don't know how anybody can ever hate someone enough to kill them. I believe that you have to bad yourself to do somebody bad. Every person who sets fire on another person has a fiercer and hotter flame of hate inside his own self. Killing somebody can never make you feel free. People kill for a greater end. But that end becomes lost by the time you go near it. Killing just makes you less human and more ghostly.

On the other hand, the smallest act of compassion that you do for someone fills you with a divine light. It just makes you feel more human.

A person who wants can never be satiated. A person who gives has his reward in a smile of gratitude.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You don't want to die

Why is that? You shriek when you think you saw a ghost. You plead with a robber when he sticks a gun to your face. You just don't want to let go of your life. Why?

I'm not talking about suicide here. I am not asking why you want to live. I am asking why you don't want to die.