Monday, October 20, 2008

I Can't Stand Sudoku

I can't believe how Sudoku has become one of the best-loved pastimes today, but it has. This game of numbers has nothing to do with mathematics, and it's so boring, I can't stand it for even 5 minutes, let alone solve several puzzles for days on end, like most Sudoku freaks do. To start with, it was just a craze with a few people in Japan, apparently. Then it spread around the world, and numerous newspaper started printing daily puzzles.

My problem with Sudoku is that it doesn't take any imagination. You have mastered the puzzle as soon as you have worked out its two or three mundane basic principles. After that, it's just mindless and boring repetition.

Around a century ago, people went crazy about another newspaper puzzle - cryptic crosswords, often called the king of all word games. It spread around Britain very quickly but for some reason couldn't quite do the trick in America. It's sad that this very enjoyable pastime is losing the war to Sudoku, of all the mindless creations of man.