Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The morning was cool and the moon had not left its place in the sky. No. It was positively chilly. I was shivering.

I was walking down a ragged country road. I walked with a rhythm, enjoying the silence. I looked not ahead but into the book open in my hands.

Presently, I looked up and noticed I was approaching a fork in the road. On the other road, I saw a girl coming. It was some moments before I realized we were headed for the same place – the hill ahead.

As the road started getting steeper, I closed my book. As it happened, she was walking right beside me. I stole glances at her. It was fine since she wasn’t looking back at me.

As he top got nearer, I started puffing. My only consolation was he view once we got to the top. Lilies. Yellow lilies all around. Beautiful yellow lilies shining in the sun. I took in the view and the sunshine for a minute, and walked on.

It wasn’t until I got back to level land that I realized I didn’t have my book. I looked back to see her coming towards me. She handed me my book, smiled and walked on.

I opened the book to find a lily inside. I held up the lily against the sun-bathed hill-top and realized it had not paled even though the sun had left it.

Book in my pocket, lily in my hand, sunshine in my eyes, spring in my step, dreams in my heart. I walked along the ragged country road.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Feeling of Knowing That You Know

"... ahh the feeling. Oh fuck. Oh fuck, it's here. Where are my feet going? Am I going where they are going? And why the trees swaying like mad?..."

"... Imagine there's no heaven... you may say I am a dreamer but I'm not the only one... "

"... I am gonna write about this when I go back. As soon as I get back. This is gonna be fun. People are gonna read this twenty years from now, and say it's the best thing that happened to the world after John Lennon... "

"... I simply know Revolver was about this. You've got to do it to know it. Now I know what the sitar meant in Tomorrow Never Knows... and yeah, the backward tape in it too... "

"... Is this bad for me? Fuck it, it wasn't bad for Lennon..."

One cool night under the stars. One cool moment under the yellow lamp above me. With one hot stick between my lips.