Sunday, April 19, 2009

Somebody to Love

A friend tells me not to do it. Another friend tells me to write about it. Yet another friend finds me writing about it interesting. So here goes.

I pull it in. I pull more of it in. 'Behind Blue Eyes' playing in the background. A white, bright summer morning. Hot, unwashed, bearded men on the steps pulling it in.

The world is going round, or maybe I'm going round the world.

'Somebody to Love'. A girl singing 'Don't you want somebody to love?'. That makes it wildly more interesting and pulling than a man singing it. Don't you think? Oh man, the 60s. When music made sense, when people did what they wanted to do. Beautiful, utopian, wild, dirty times. When girls sang to you about wanting somebody to love.

Funny thing. People asking me whether I want somebody to love, when it's the only thing I want. I want all the love the world can give me. Well, I don't mind it coming from one person. No, I won't mind it at all.

I feel happy in a strange way. It's all about freedom. It's all about writing. It's all about friends. It's about so many things.

The Beats rocked. They just rocked. They knew what they wanted to do. And they did it. They just made so much sense. They wrote things as they came to them. They never 'thought'. They only felt.

And I feel.

Man, I'm such a wannabe.