Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Return to Roots

I call myself a big music lover. I think listening to music matters more to me than it does to most people. I find delight in sitting down for hours and treating myself to music. But it wasn't always so.

In the winter of 2005, I was in the midst of a very exciting time of my life. The foremost thing in my mind was my studies. I was studying to crack the JEE and I was enjoying it. Just then, I was visited by a new and exotic passion - Junoon. The first time I heard the song 'Pyar Bina', I fell in love with the band. From then on, it was a beautiful journey. I would download one Junoon song every week and listen to it over and over again. I think I love to live in the world of my dreams, and Junoon always took me to a dreamy, transcendental place.

By the summer of 2006, I was listening to 4 hours of Junoon every day and listened to little other music. I dreamed about them in the night, plugged my earphones in the morning for a song or two before school, spent hours in the afternoon dancing freakishly to Junoon and still insatiable, went to bed with my iPod.

For a brief period in my life, I identified myself only as a Junooni. Nothing else. I took pride in being in love with the music of a Pakistani band who broke barriers of country and religion and made me fall in love with music. I rarely get mad or annoyed at anybody, but I just couldn't take any jokes about Junoon. I loved them with the depth of my heart.

Once in school, while idling on the last bench during a boring class, I wrote down the names of my ten favorite Junoon songs and their lengths in less than a minute. The friend who was sitting next to me nearly jumped out of his seat. Once in a moment of emotion, I told one of my friends that one of my deepest desires was to sit all my friends down in one place and make them listen to every single Junoon song. Freaky!

But every storm has an end, and obsessions have an expiry date. Gradually, with the change of setting (I came to IITK in the summer of 2007) and exploration of new music, my Junoon fever died down. I now love The Beatles and Bob Dylan just like I loved Junoon once. Honestly, I have often pondered in the last few months why my blog is still named after the band.

But some things just stick. Today, I associate Junoon with my musical awakening. I found the same thing in Junoon as a tender maiden of 17 might find in Mills & Boon. Junoon was there for me when nobody was. I could always go and play 'Mitti' when I was sad. Or 'Pyar Bina' when I was happy.

Junoon will forever remind me of the time I spent with friends, of the times I wept in pain, of the times I leapt into the arms of my mother, of the times I sat alone, working out differential equations at midnight, of the time when I lived a life more purely happy and satisfying than I ever will. And that is when Junoon ceases to be a music band and becomes more. Even if just for a certain 19 year old boy from across the border.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Humour Me

Humour me when I’m high
Hold me still when I die
Keep me moving on my feet
When I’m down or when I’m beat

Carry me around in your arms
Buy me a dream for life
Make me sing hoarse with joy
Don’t you see I am coy?

Take me happy, take me sad
Love me good, love me bad

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Love Supreme

I feel hunger no more
No pangs of desire anymore
No thirst can make itself felt
Don't want to do nothing no more

Dancing to the rhythms
Just knowing one thing
Nobody can do me no harm
'Cause the spell I'm under
Is a spell of ages
It's all in the pages
It's treatin' me the usual way

I adhere to this nightly regime
'Cause I have inside a love supreme