Sunday, September 27, 2009

Song of Solitude

Wonder all night for all that we
Could be or could never be
Wipe rogue sleep from drooping eyes
Turn sight inside, observant, towards me.

Cast a shadow on plains sunlit
Play games of charm, of art, of wit
Of vicious character, of pomp you could be
Or exude sweet love from every pore, from every bit

Plain as light it might not be
But should you try, you will see
For providence pray, in your cocoon stay
Hold your self, smile, just be.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Floating Farther

In a field of rice a reaper stands alone
Goaded into silence, a singer stands alone
Looking with glassy eyes, actor stands alone
Birth on her lips, a mother stands alone

Jiving with darkness, a friend stands alone
Making silken marks, a painter stands alone
Wind in her bones, dreamer stands alone
Joking with kindness, a joker stands alone

Praising a violent valley, painter stands alone
Humble as hunger, child stands alone
Buying a gram of peace, fighter stands alone
Blood seething from lips, poet stands alone

Nascent, burning, hollow youth
Stands alone

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bittersweet Rhapsody

Very much on the verge of death
At the end of an ugly life
I turned in my bed, coughed
And said this to my wife

Oh you know, I was once a child
I was moody, sleepy, slow
Indignant, mindless, brash
With a bag of dreams in tow

People said I’d bloom
All I needed was rules
Large, sweet success would visit
All I needed was to keep at it

Mom ladled soup on my plate
Dad smoked his pipe
I was on a wrecked ship, dreaming
I was just a different type

Accusations of inaction
Stares of disgust
I took it all with a smile
I tested my patience, I tested my guile

Lying here in your arms
A wretched dead old man
A mess of bones
A carcass of a dreaming man

Weird, shapeless, useless bard
A sentry standing guard
A mind of endless fear
From life long and hard

I wouldn’t say it feels so bad
Well after all, it was to be
I found what was good for me
Was that it was always you and me

When I look at you
I find my peaceful river
Hunger ends and joy begins
Fear loses, happy hope wins

Hold me still when I die
Hold me dear, hold me high
Take this stinking carcass within
And let a rapturous peace begin