Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do You See?

Is there a flower on the back of the head
Of the favourite girl (serene)
In the universe you see?
Does she come to your side
And stroke your neck with her hand
When you’re gloomy as can be?

Apple carts, do they appear out of nowhere?
Are maidens in white gowns
And inkstands in your dreams?
Do you watch strangers leave your side
When you need them dearly
And a deathly life it seems?

Do words lack meaning
And your actions seem as if
Controlled by some but not thee?
Yes! Then you’re in my universe.
You just stay mum, and wait
And hope that, some day, I might see.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adventure of the Chewing Gum

Don’t ever get into bed with chewing gum in your mouth. You might swallow it sometime into the night, and die from the suffocation. Chances are, you’ll be driven to a hospital nearby. It’ll have nice green coloured clothes draped all over the place, with coughing patients behind them, invisible to your eyes. But the truth is, they won’t be able to revive you from death. They’ll extract the (chewing?) gum from down your throat in seconds. The nurse will be very adept at such things. She’ll lift your tongue towards your mouth plate for a second, and insert a slender metallic stick into your lifeless throat. Pop! The gum will be out in a flash.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Don't know what it's called

Just sit on your toes in your secret room
(or wherever you are alone)
Keep quiet for longer time than you can bear to
Think about things you left behind
Bat an eyelid
Scratch your hair, if you’re so inclined

Is it discomfort? Or fear? FEAR.
Not everything in order. Not alright.
Perplexed mind, confused actions.
A standstill in life.
Life? That ever-moving, violent force.

Gotta go now. Gotta hide.
Take a crap, read some magazines, maybe smoke.
I dunno. Anything.
Natural – Pseudonatural – Copycat – Despondent.
Human – So what? I’m human too!

Wish I was born in the 60s.
Wish I was born on a steam-boat.
Wish for a wish.
Hush. Hello. Bbye. See you later.