Thursday, July 28, 2011


Fight alongside the numb seed,
Outside all the lives are changing,
Inside move up and sit down and down,
And now be slowly mad and clearly changed.

You are breaking slightly and wholly alone
You spear time just a little and peer for courage
You are meeting your own self
Just in a day or two weeks later
Somewhere around the bend also is your
Last shred, but unseen before the sunshine.

Every being was bad and cowering
Nobody good outside and inside.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Into You

Could I get any closer.
I wanted to touch you, we will rest.
I want that we grope into and out of each other,
We will form insides and outsides.

And sway down to your left, I will sway right.
Can you see me?
I am inside my own body, where are you?
Do you feel my presence? I am close.

Just stay for a moment, be simple.
Don’t move, just wait… silently.
Hush… hoo… wave of pain.
Grave my grave.