Thursday, December 15, 2011


How we are unbelievable
Lunging for more before we finish our portion
Hunting and swirling playing with mouth
By and large all set
Upset in the corner
Seated on the stone parapet
In the afternoon sunshine
Telling tales of night
yet more on our plate
Intimate glances
Hungry dance for long
Young and sober please
Now the afternoon ends
Pass the tea-cup
Rays blemish me
Barefoot charm of a second
Mosquitoes bite
Get up off the parapet
Brush your hair aside
Chilled air between
The past and the present.

Make choice of music
and enter kitchen
Tinkering fingers
strong smells are there
Cook before sleeping
Hunger in the large bedroom
painting of old times
as happy as you are now
Dried walls
a modern look into
the drawing room
where dust gathers
sit in the fine evening
playing by room
raucous in a minute
wet dread
someone will smile
a new coat
cherry cakes
nibbling on two
can’t tolerate cold
come back na
before you leave
guest in my house
just stay and see.