Sunday, June 10, 2012


The caustic independence of daily life,
of which I share with you a significant portion
is the mother of most of my disappointments.

Caring naturally for my abrasive temperaments,
you disregard much of my untoward talents,
and I go peep into other people’s sullen bedrooms.

Open carefree fields are always available,
for the little comfort I have to bear for existence,
in the sterile service of your everyday dreams.

The music I am devoted to is silent on the subject,
the light points out the darkness below my eyes,
and God is the last to go to bed,
passing sedatives to his benign humanity.

Parikh nazar se haathon ki nason tak
Bisar bisar kar aata hai sach ka paimana
Phir nikalta hai imtiaz-e-ali ka nazrana

Keh gaye peer baba, jaan ki parwaah kar
Badalon ki tasveer zameen par bhi maujood hai
Chashm-e-maashooq se allah ka deedaar kar

Humne kaha talaash humari majtalaf hai
Daanish-e-mehfooz ki rakhenge pakad
Tadap tadap ke ho jayenge amar