Friday, September 11, 2015


Oppressing interest
pressing foot down on
kindness and hope
illusion and fear
playing slow dance
alone in a tight room
where versions of despair
paint and laugh
tearing the throats of men
until dawn of cool pain
pulls shades of night away.

Here now

of me
surreal days
longing moments
usual practices
juvenile discretion
humble requests
whimpering silences
infinite justice
listening experience.


Missing some lines of faith
Any gifts of silent prophecy
Loving thoughts of parity
Those means of preparation
that come with hunger and
come with youth.

Stay informed of the love
and incarceration
of delayed support
and insincere requests answered.

Dreams wild gather
They light up together
And incense flows
into nostrils of pain
and flowers of afterthought
die in the dirt.

Of me

Writing new songs
and casting old ones away
Plying new routes
on new winds
Catching the running light
from the lamp
Younger than tonight
breathing big
I am doing fine
in the future of

You and Your Insides

Your lack of response
Or my lack of faith
Seems to sabotage the same things
Those I never understand
But feel under my very normal life
This one whirl, this one dart
Into you and your insides
That brings me pain
Quite like the one in bed
When you are comfortable and silent
And yet there is no sleep